Blue Flash Express, LLC

Safety and environmental responsibility are priorities at Blue Flash Express. A comprehensive driver training program keeps both at "top of mind" every day for every driver.

Many of our drivers receive training in loading or safety procedures at our customers' plants. Blue Flash personnel evaluate every driver every time they arrive our terminals.
Blue Flash Driver Rating Factors 
•  Quality
•  Productivity
•  Job knowledge
•  Reliability
•  Availability
•  Independence
•  Creativity
•  Initiative
•  Interpersonal Relationships
•  Adherence to Policy
•  Judgement

Qualified applicants spend a week studying policies and procedures, DOT regulations and equipment operation. Successful candidates must pass a driving test, and then spend an additional four to six weeks "on the road" with a Blue Flash trainer.

Operation Clean Sweep
Blue Flash recognizes the importance of preventing the loss of resin pellets into the environment, and we are committed to implementing the Operation Clean Sweep program. Our goal is zero loss of plastic pellets. We carry Operation Clean Sweep kits designed to capture and recover small spills.

Awards and Recognition

•  1st Place, Trailmobile/LMTA Intrastate Safety Award - 1999
•  3rd Place, NTTC Personnel Safety Award - 1999
•  3rd Place, NTTC Competitive Safety Contest - 2000
•  NTTC First Year Safety Improvement Award - 2000
•  2nd Place, NTTC Competitive Safety Contest - 2001
•  1st Place, NTTC Personnel Safety Award - 2001
•  NTTC Second Year Safety Improvement Award - 2001
•  Alliance Logistics Safe Carrier Award - 2001
•  1st Place, NTTC Competitive Safety Contest - 2002
•  3rd Place, NTTC Personnel Safety Award - 2002
•  NTTC Third Year Safety Improvement Award - 2002
•  NTTC Fifth Year Safety Improvement Award - 2005
•  NTTC Merit Award, Competitive Safety Contest - 2005
•  NTTC Merit Award, Personnel Safety Contest - 2005
•  NTTC Merit Award, Competitve Safety Officials - 2005
•  NTTC Sixth Year Safety Improvement Award - 2007
•  NTTC Grand Winner Personnel Safety - 2007

Corporate Affilations

•  American Chemistry Council
•  American Plastics Council
•  Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance
•  Transportation Security Administration - Highway Watch
•  TRANSCAER Louisiana
•  National Safety Council
•  National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.

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