Blue Flash Express, LLC

Blue Flash trucks are equipped with a variety of adapters and fittings for nearly any loading or unloading situation. If you’ve ever had to wait on delivery for lack of loading equipment, you’ll really appreciate the direct-transfer system that lets many of our non-vacuum rigs “self-load” when accompanied by a standard vacuum trailer.

GPS communication systems keep our drivers in touch on the road. When they arrive, they use rail car fittings and hoses custom-designed by Blue Flash to help prevent accidental disconnects, as well as railcar dome filters and discharge tube filters to protect your load from contamination.
If your requirements entail specialized equipment, call us. We’ll be happy to discuss modifications or custom trailer designs to meet your needs.

Convenient, Clean, Secure Facilities

Blue Flash terminals serve customers in the chemical and plastics industries from convenient locations throughout the United States.

Rail car transfers aren’t likely to be delayed in our 19-acre La Porte, Texas, facility. The yard can handle more than fifty hopper cars with ease. Loading areas are paved, and there is ample paved parking for Blue Flash trailers.

We’ve even installed a state-certified electronic scale on site to keep scale delays to a minimum. Our La Porte yard is a full-service bulk export container loading facility, too.

Our Baton Rouge terminal still serves some of our first customers, many of whom rely on us to move difficult-to-handle liquids. Because of this, some of the equipment in Baton Rouge is different than that in La Porte, but you can see the same philosophy at work: Everything is clean, well-maintained, and protected by security fences and lighting. Both terminals feature individual bays for maintenance and clean out, and comfortable facilities for Blue Flash drivers. We also have permanent terminal locations in New Iberia LA, Gable SC, Markham IL, Jonesboro GA, Charlotte NC, and have a growing presence in Memphis TN with a permanent terminal location under development. No matter where you need service though, Blue Flash Express is there to serve any customer needs.

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